AngularJS - (using Ionic framework) - data binding on header title not working

I'm using an AngularJS-based library called "Ionic" (

This seems simple, but it isn't working for me.

In one of my views, I have the following

<view title="content.title">
  <content has-header="true" padding="true">
    <p>{{ content.description }}</p>
    <p><a class="button button-small icon ion-arrow-left-b" href="#/tab/pets"> Back to home</a></p>

In the controller for the above view, I have

angular.module('App', []).controller('DetailCtrl', function($scope, $stateParams, MyService) {

  MyService.get($stateParams.petId).then(function(content) {
    $scope.content = content[0];
    console.log($scope.content.title); // this works!

The data for this view is loaded via a simple HTTP GET service (called MyService).

The problem is that when I view this page,

<view title="content.title">

Doesn't display the title. It's just a blank. According to the Ionic documentation (, I think I'm doing the right thing.

It's strange that "{{content.description}}" part works, but "content.title" doesn't work?

Also, is it because I'm loading the content dynamically (via HTTP GET)?

By using the new ion-nav-title directive in Ionic beta 14, the binding seems to work correctly.

Rather than

<ion-view title="{{content.title}}">

Do this


Works a treat.

If you look at ionic view directive source on github, it's not watching on title attributes which means it won't update your view when you set a new value.

The directive is processed before you receive the answer from server and you fill $scope.content.title.

You should indeed use a promise in your service and call it in a resolver. That or submit a pull request to ionic.

Here's a working example of how to accomplish this in Ionic. Open the menu, then click "About". When the "About" page transitions, you will see the title that was resolved.

As Florian noted, you need to use a service and resolve to get the desired effect. You then inject the returned result into the controller. There are some down sides to this. The state provider will not change the route until the promise is resolved. This means there may be a noticeable lag in the time the user tries to change location and the time it actually occurs.

I was encountering the same problem and was able to solve it by wrapping my title in double-curlies.

<ion-view title="{{ page.title }}">

I should note that my page.title is being set statically by my controller rather than from a promise.

I had a very similar issue where the title wouldn't update until i switched pages a couple of times. If i bound the title another place inside the page, it would update right away. I finally found in the ionic docs that parts of those pages are cached. This is described here

To solve my issue, I turned caching off for the view with the dynamic title:

<ion-view cache-view="false" view-title="{{title}}">

I got this to work on older versions of Ionic using the <ion-view title={{myTitle}}> solution (as per plong0's answer).

I had to change to <ion-view view-title= in the more recent versions. However using beta-14 it's showing blank titles again.

The nearest I've got to a solution is to use $ionicNavBarDelegate.title(myTitle) directly from the controller. When I run this it shows the title briefly and a moment later blanks it.

Very frustrating.