How implement swipe, snap to move page (ionic + angularjs)

I developing with Ionic framework and angularjs.

My app have about 5 menu and design like google play store

  • New product
  • Bestseller
  • Promotion
  • Store ...

How do swipe to move "New product" to Bestseller page,...(google store play - like)

This my route:

myApp.config(function ($routeProvider, $locationProvider) {
            controller: 'NewProductController',
            templateUrl: 'app/views/newproduct.html'
            templateUrl: 'app/views/bestseller.html',
            controller: 'BestsellerController'

    .otherwise({ redirectTo: '/' });    


I tried ng-swipe-left, ng-swipe-right:

<div ng-swipe-right=goToPage('bestseller')> 
     // new product page

$scope.goToPage = function (page) {        

but not animation.

Please help solution. thank you so much.

i've got angular swipe working (not with ionic tho, but i think it's an angular matter).

1) Be sure u have the ngAnimate and ngTouch as a module (ofcourse also add them in your html file as dependencies (js files):

angular.module('cbosApp', [
      'ngAnimate', //this!
      'ngTouch', // and this!

2) you forgot quotes (") arround your statement

<div ng-swipe-right="goToPage('bestseller')"> 
 // new product page

DO not forget to put $location as a parameter in your controller!

  .controller('SettingsCtrl', function ($scope,$rootScope,$location) {});

Your function is correct, in every controller if you do it your way!

IMPORTANT: IF u test it, the click and release click must happen on the DOM element (div here) otherwise it will not work.

I don't think the Ionic Framework provides such a thing at the moment. However, you can come pretty close using the SlideBox view (

Here is a quick example: